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As a pedagogy lover, my teaching is open to all, disregarding age or sex.

The musical feeling and the instrument technique are taught following the principles set by the cellist Janos Starker.

It is sometime believed wrongly that the apprenticeship of an instrument is kept for musician's children, or for the gifted persons or even that any progress above a given age is impossible.

It is my purpose to demonstrate the exact contrary in my lessons.

These lessons are available I the academies where I teach, and also thru the creation company AMACELLO (informations down).

Cello lessons

A few years ago, I designed and wrote an original method to teach cello. This work is the result of my experience over 15 years of teaching in several music academies. Although it is not published yet, it is available to anyone who wishes to discover this instrument with me.

These first lessons are graced with cello duos easy to play in view of developing the musical feeling and to rapidly enjoy exercising.

For young people, apprenticeship may start at 6 or 7 years of age. It is better though, not to start earlier even if methods exist nowadays. One year of apprenticeship is in line with the scholar year comprising 33 lessons per year, that is to say one lesson every week for every pupil. At every lesson, the pupil work receives commentaries noted in his reference copybook in order to allow him (or her) to understand fully the fundamental steps of apprenticeship.

different sizes of cellos for the young pupils between 6 and 12

Here are the different sizes of cellos for the young pupils between 6 and 12, keeping in mind that their size may vary :

In the environment of the music academies where I teach, here are the different steps of one year of scholarship

  • One public concert in the last quarter before Christmas
  • One examination at the end of the 2nd quarter
  • Preparation of the Music Day around the 21st of June
  • With, as a general rule, an orchestra of students playing a repertory sometimes original to close the third quarter
  • Participation in chamber and ensemble music lessons

babies cellists in orchestra

Course for future professionals and adults.

For advanced students and for future professionals also, I offer a very precise approach of the famous "Six Suites for solo cello" by Bach including the continuo bass. This bass that Bach never wrote, but imagined only, when he composed his 6 preludes and 36 dances, is the true key to understand the Suites in full.

This continuous bass was rewritten, it is not edited and is at everybody disposal.

To listen to some sound extracts from the Suites -exist in CD-

With adult volunteers and non-professionals, advancement is different. After a few months of apprenticeship, opus' by the great composers are studied. I spend time, on top of the cello lessons, on music history, composers biographies, study of the musical forms, major dates of the history of music in line with the cello scores studied during the lessons.

Permanent teacher since 1999, I teach in several establishments in the surroundings of Paris (Bures-sur-Yvette - 91 - and Wissous - 91 -). I remain at anyone's disposal to meet you and get you aware of my pedagogical approach.

Informations about cello lessons in Bures-sur-Yvette city (91): +33 1 69 18 79 58

Informations about cello lessons in Wissous city (01) : +33 1 69 93 82 66

Lessons fees AMACELLO:

Legal and general information:

  • A year membership cheque of 15 Euro is required. First lesson is free and one CD is offered on top
  • Lessons may be attended either at Bourg-la-Reine (92) 4km South of Paris, or at Chatenay-Malabry (92)
  • The number of lessons is free although it is recommended to have one lesson every week
  • Settlement after every lesson by cheque to the order of AMACELLO (under the 1901 Law)
  • No year commitment
  • Lessons of musical notation are not available
  • Registration for the first lesson may be at any time in the year.
  • Some works councils offer to reimburse a few lessons ( against an invoice by Amacello)
  • For beginners, the 45 minutes lesson is proposed at 27 euro . For high school diploma + 3 years, and students above 26, there is a student price list. Of 210 euro for 10 lessons 27 euro (settlement at the first lesson, not reimbursable). Price valid for one year only.
  • For advanced students, rate is 34 euro for 60 minutes lessons. For high school diploma + 3 years, and students above 26, there is a student price list. Of 280 euro for 10 lessons (settlement at the first lesson, not reimbursable). Price valid for one year only..
  • For superior level students, rate is 58 euro for a 2 hour lesson. No student price list..

Rent a cello.

One address only:

  • l'atelier de Lutherie "Les Luthiers du Quatuor" in Bourg la Reine (92) sells cellos which have been completely renovated with a perfect balance and tuning.A lease formula with buying option is available.
  • Contact: Philippe Mitéran at + 33 1 46 64 34 96 (workshop open every afternoon from 14.30 to 19.00)
  • Other string instrument manufacturers offer better prices sometimes, but their instrument sound is poor and the lease formula is not recommended de l'instrument est en général de mauvaise qualité, et la location-vente n'est pas conseillée!

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