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classical music

Chamber Orchestra

- concerto in B flat Major and concerto in G Major: Luigi Boccherini
- concerto n°3: Karl Philip Emanuel Bach
- concerto n°5 in B minor and double concerto in G minor: Antonio Vivaldi
- concerto n°1 in C Major and concerto n°2 in D Major: Joseph Haydn

chamber music

Symphonic Orchestra


- concerto in A minor: Robert Schumann
- concerto in D minor: Edouard Lalo
- variations rococo de Piotr Illitch Tchaïkovski

Philharmonic Orchestra

"Finale" concerto in B minor: Anton Dvorak conductor: Sabine Aubert

You can find anothers video on YouTube

- extract Concerto en la mineur de Robert Schumann with European Symphonic Orchestra

- extract Concerto n°2 en ré Majeur de Joseph Haydn

Conductor: Frédéric Lodeon

Technical characteristics

  • Public type: general music lovers
  • Type of place: any kind, no piano rent
  • Audience size: 400
  • Show type: lovely
  • Logistics: stage manager, projectors
  • Required kind of stage: large stage

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