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Musical Path

"To be on the way is to be at the goal."

Last concerts

Prize-winner of six awards with cello and chamber music, he studied in Paris with Georges Schwartz and Martine Bailly, as well as at the superior academy of music of Geneva in the advanced and virtuosity class.

Musical Path - François-Xavier BigorgneFor the last 25 years, he has been participating in numerous musical events and art creations:

  • solo recitals with orchestra
  • conference-concerts
  • concert at the Museum of History of the city of Luxemburg on the occasion of the "Nuit des Musées" (Museums night)
  • International festival of mime 'mimos IN'
  • solo concerts under the baton of Frédéric Lodéon
  • Film music: Georges Garvarentz, Antoine Duhamel, Daniel Brel
  • conference-concerts about stringed-instruments manufacture,
  • conference-concert about Bach' six suites
  • conference-concert about history of music
  • Conferences about the pedagogy and teaching of cello
  • cellos orchestra

Cello teacher in 3 music academies, he enters pupils successfully for the regional exam every year. He has tenure of 20 hours of lessons.

Specialised in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles and cello teacher in several music academies, he presents students to the regional contest successfully every year. Since 1998 a regional officer, he is in charge of 20 hours of lessons in music academies.

In parallel with his teacher activity, he performs concerts and records new sound CD's under the Amacello trade mark.

  • As a soloist, he is invited to give a series of 12 prestige recitals in ambassies, consulates, town halls and theaters in 1989/1990 during the campaign of the Navy school boat "Jeanne d'Arc" in Mediterranea and the Indian Ocean: Egypt, Oman, Singapore, Australia, Madagascar, Réunion, Tunisia, Djibouti...
  • as a soloist with orchestra, he performed the cello concerto by Anton Dvorjak and by Robert Schumann under the baton of Thierry Pelicant, Sabine Aubert : refer to the video heading, further on. These concerts happen in the whole France: in Paris, in Fontainebleau, in Senlis, in Nancy, in Fécamp, in Sarlat, in Fresnes, in Lorraine, in the Oise area… In 1996, he plays the concerto n°2 in D Major by J Haydn in the church of Saint Pierre of Senlis under the baton of Frédéric Lodéon
  • As a member of an orchestra, he was co-soloist in a regional symphonic orchestra during two lyrical seasons.

One of his most noticeable concerts happened at the theatre of Cachan with the European symphonic Orchestra under the baton of Frédéric Lodéon in the concerto in A Minor by Robert Schmann (refer to the recent concerts and also the heading video extracts).

In 2002, he produced his first recording of the "sonata" and "capriccio" for solo cello by Zoltan Kodaly (EMA, distributed by Socadisc, sponsorised CD by Forclum).

In 2004, he becomes the music and art director for the trade mark Amacello.

During the same year, his second CD was published as a public recording of a new group: duo for bandoneon and cello. This CD about chamber music is entitled Bello Cando Impression and edited by Amacello (record sponsorised by Socotec and Entrepotonline).

In 2006, Las Españas makes up for his 3rd recording: it is a trio for "harp, cello and voice". This creation "music, poetry and theatre" is supported by Caixabank and the city of Bures sur Yvete (Essonne) for further donation to "les enfants du Mekong". In January 2006, this record was noticed and quoted by the journalist Jacques Collet for his musical broadcast on the TV channel LCI.

In 2008, a particularly innovative creation around the famous Six Suites by Bach is produced (double CD, published by Amacello). This fourth recording offers two versions of the Suites n°1, 3 and 5 (BWV 1007- 1009 - 1011). On the first record, one can listen to the solo version known by many music lovers, whereas the second version features a reconstitution of an accompaniment based on the Harmony imaginated by Bach. This record is supported by the ACEF, for further donation to "les Enfants du Mékong" and to the association Valentin Hüy.

In 2009, he was at the origin, together with Kelly D., of the musical named "La Diva du Cello". This particularly creative show was performed on many occasions. Among are the ones at the "theatre du 20ème" in Paris, the "Médiathèque de Sceaux" and the "Médiathèque de Chatenay-Malabry", the auditorium de "l'entre-deux parcs" of Lésigny (Seine et Marne), the Cultural Center of Brie Comte Robert (Seine et Marne), the Hotel Mercure for the ACEF, the Cultural Center Marcel Pagnol of Bures sur Yvette (Essonne), and last but not least in the Parc Naturel de Lorraine in Mousey (Moselle)...

In 2011, 2 new CD's appear in his catalog: "Bolido et la boule magique", for string quartet, piano and clarinet - a CD book for children by the publisher Résidoré - together with the volume 2 of the Bach' six suites for cello with and without accompaniment (Amacello publisher).

Since 2011, he composes, interprets and records for the medias at the publisher EPM (TV's, radios, short and long films...). He is a member of SACEM, ADAMI and SPEDIDAM.

His CD's and most of his creations are distributed in 240 countries on the main downloading and streaming sources.

Biography: summary

François-Xavier Bigorgne studied in Paris and in the music academy of Geneva in the advanced class of virtuosity and perfecting.

He has tenure as teacher in 3 music academies. Member of SACEM, ADAMI et SPEDIDAM, he currently performs concerts in France and abroad.

As music and art director for the trade mark Amacello, he makes his recordings for the trade mark Amacello in an original repertoire and with new bands (sound engineering and editing). His musical repertoire stretches from the Six Suites by Bach to nowadays. His CD's and most of his creations are distributed in 240 countries through the main systems of streaming and downloading.

Since 2011, he composes, interprets and records image music for the medias (TV's, radios, short and long films...).